A Unique Feature Of Our Luminaire

A unique feature of our luminaire and system is its ability to minimize luminance wastage with Lambertian (perfect diffusion) reflective characteristic. This allows Nanoflex® powered luminaire to reflect uniquely wide luminous distribution regardless of whether LED, fluorescent, induction or incandescent light source.

This unique reflective characteristics also means less fixtures are needed to achieve the required brightness, making Nanoflex® powered luminaire cost effective with lower capital outlay, and consume less lighting energy for required brightness.

 Lighting & Illumination02.jpg

The volumetric brightness also reduce specular glare that are common amongst gloss or polished reflective luminaire, allowing Nanoflex® powered luminaire to deliver soft and glare free brightness with better and wider light distribution (below) so critical in today’s built environment, and conducive for prolonged productivity in workplaces, educational and healthcare facilities. 

Lighting & Illumination03.jpg

Complementing appropriate controls for adaptive lighting, Nanoflex® powered luminaire and system will bring lighting energy efficiency into a new level.

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