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Our OCC formulas are uniquely engineered for agrochemical formulators and manufacturers to integrate our unique micelle technology into their commercial products without significantmajor changes to the chemical content.

Highly compatible with chemicals and minerals currently available in the market, integration of OCC into chemical formulations can result in the enhancement of efficacies of active ingredients that can result in lowering dosage, as well as cost.

Growers who have used liquid nutrients integrated with OCC have experienced many benefits not presented from previous formulations, of which most evident is the improvement of stress resistance of crops, as well as enhancement of quality attributes, tastes, and nutritional value. Above all, many enjoy the improvement in overall commercial returns.

These formulas are user-friendly and easy to apply. They contain traces or no chemical compounds with high effective dilution rate, and ideal for the formulation of liquid or chemical nutrients with application dilution rate up to 1:1,000, or 0.1%..

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