Global population growth and development, especially in developing economies, has created new challenges and opportunities to our societies, particularly in the area of food safety and environmental sustainability. INERGI seeks to engage these challenges through our area of strengths to provide solutions to the agriculture, agrochemical and food industry, as well as to built environment in to provide energy efficient quality illumination solutions with special focus on the human health factor.

We believe that in order to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions, close collaboration with partners, stakeholders is essential. These collaborations have to be built on platforms with mutual trust and respect, to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

In agriculture and food science, we work with agronomists, formulators, and growers around the world to address pre-harvest needs that are specific and unique to their locations to provide safe, cost-effective solutions to enhance yield, quality, and safety of food crop. In post-harvest food science, we work with processors to ensure sustained quality is ensured along the supply chain to the final destination.

With our award winning Nanoflex® technology, we work closely with design and process engineers, as well as luminaires manufacturers from across the world to apply, process and adopt our products to enable our quality illumination to built environment in their cities. This is made possible with our chemical and engineering support and services.

With financial prudence, integrity in business practices, and attention to details, we are committed to being an effective enabler of solutions to our partners and customers

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